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The ability to easily get into your home or vehicle is something that we all take for granted – until it’s no longer possible. This happens more easily than you would think – you might drop your keys down the elevator shaft or just can’t find them and sometimes your lock simply breaks leaving you locked in the toilet for hours or your apartment. No matter what kind of lock- and key-related problems you’ve encountered – or what time it is – call our Sheehan Locksmiths team. Reach us at 0412 153 846 and we’ll help you out right away.

We’ve been working with locks for 20 years in our professional capacities as locksmiths and security consultants. That means that we know locking systems and keys inside and out – it’s easy for us to work with absolutely any kind of lock you already have installed. We’ll work as hard as possible to help you get access to your vehicle or property, and our professionals will come out within the hour if you ring us in an emergency situation.

Not only can we help you out in emergencies, we can provide simple and effective help with your household and business locks during the day. If you’ve got a loose or malfunctioning lock, simply give us a ring and we’ll be out within the day. Properly functioning locks are vital for your home or workplace’s security, so be sure to book us in if you notice any problems with your locks. We can be reached via email at info@sheehanlocksmiths.com if you’d prefer to get in touch with us that way.

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